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If you’re looking for the best Vancouver asphalt paving contractor, look no further than K&L Industries. With over 35 years experience paving in the greater Portland OR metropolitan area, we ‘re the local paving company who understands what Oregon property owners need from their pavement. As a local business, our clients are our neighbors, and we treat them as such, only using the highest quality paving products and state of the art equipment.

K&L Industries – Turning Your Paving Dreams into a Reality

K&L Industries provide a wide range of paving, maintenance, and repair solutions for commercial and residential surfaces in Vancouver, Washington. Our services are affordable, so property managers can avail timely repair and regular maintenance without budget constraints becoming a problem. We take full advantage of our experience to deliver quality results within the specified time.

Our Asphalt Services for Vancouver WA

Our time paving the Pacific NW makes us dedicated to our local clients, but our time in the asphalt paving industry ensures we can tackle any paving service they might need, including:

Whether you need repairs on your residential asphalt driveway or installation of a large commercial parking lot, the experienced paving contractors at K&L Industries are ready and willing to help!

K&L Industries, Vancouver’s Asphalt Paving Contractor

We’re proud to serve both homeowners and commercial property owners in and around Vancouver Washington, Portland Oregon, and communities in the Columbia River area like Gresham OR, Beaverton OR, Tigard OR, Ridgefield WA, and Camas WA.

To get the best paving service in Oregon and Washington, K&L Industries is the one to call!

Why choose K&L Industries
Portland’s trusted professional paving company.
  • For a local paving company that has the community at heart, K&L Industries is Portland’s best.
  • Our team members have many years in the business and bring all their know-how to every job.
  • We keep clients up-to-date on developments so that they have a full picture of their project.
  • We work out an affordable price for you and deliver an efficient sealcoating service to reduce the time your parking lot is out of action

Commercial Paving Tips in Vancouver WA

When looking for the best commercial paving, Vancouver WA business owners have an experienced local paving company on their side: K&L Industries. We’ve been working with asphalt and concrete in the greater Portland OR area since 1984, so we understand what local commercial property owners need.

K&L Industries: Quality Commercial Paving in Vancouver WA

Let’s look at how commercial paving services can save your Vancouver WA asphalt.

Parking Lot Paving

An asphalt parking lot that lasts for years starts with quality asphalt installation because it creates asphalt pavement that is stable at the base and smooth at the surface. One of the ways a quality parking lot installation preserves pavement is by ensuring that there’s proper drainage and water flows away from the pavement instead of sitting on the surface and causing damage.

Parking Lot Repair

When your asphalt parking lot is already suffering from damage, business owners may worry that they’ll have to spend a lot of money to replace it. But there are a lot of asphalt repair services that can rehabilitate damaged asphalt without having to replace it, including:

These commercial paving services save Vancouver WA business owners money by correcting pavement problems before they get worse and need full depth asphalt repaving.

Call K&L Industries for the best commercial paving services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA!

Ready to improve and protect your commercial pavement assets? Let the K&L Industries crew show you what we can do. Call us today for a pavement inspection!


Asphalt Driveway Paving Services in Vancouver WA

How can you get the best residential paving services in Vancouver WA?

Homeowners looking to upgrade or install their residential pavement need a paving contractor with experience in their area. For residential property owners in and around Portland Oregon, K&L Industries is this paving contractor, offering the highest quality residential paving services in Vancouver WA and beyond.

Here’s some of our most popular residential asphalt paving services and tips about how to get the most out of those services:

Driveway Paving

When it comes to getting a long-lasting driveway, your trusted paving company needs to use proven paving techniques and commercial grade products. The driveway paving process needs to include grading services for adequate drainage and gravel aggregate base layer that’s been compacted so it’s stable over the long term.

  • Tip: The best driveway paving services don’t end with installation. Ask your paving contractor about their driveway repair and asphalt resurfacing capabilities.

Driveway Sealcoating

The most cost effective way to protect your investment in your residential pavement is with sealcoating. This service revitalizes asphalt that has surface wear, as well as provides a protective coating to prevent further wear and tear, as well as protect against things like UV rays and water.

  • Tip: It’s a good idea to get your driveway sealcoated once every two years to keep it in good condition.

K&L Industries: Residential Paving Experts for Vancouver WA

For homeowners in Portland OR and Vancouver WA, K&L Industries is the trusted asphalt paving contractor. With over 35 years experience paving driveways and private roadways in the Columbia River area, we’re the ones to call when it’s time to upgrade your residential pavement.

Ready to get the best asphalt driveway in your neighborhood? Contact K&L Industries!

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