K&L Industries provides exceptional residential asphalt paving services around the Portland Metropolitan Area.
We help residents of this beautiful city bolster the appearance of their homes by delivering to them the premier asphalt paving services. By improving the appearance and functionality of a driveway or private road, a condominium complex or a walkway, we also increase the value of the property. As our specialization, residential asphalt paving is what we know best and what we love doing.When you contact K&L Industries, you are guaranteed a personal service like no other. We begin our residential paving by visiting your property and evaluating your needs. We offer our experience to guide your decision-making, ensuring that the services we suggest are those that will serve you well.

Our team is fully-equipped with knowledge and expertise to carry out any residential paving project. Importantly, we also have the cutting-edge equipment to do so.

The materials we use for your residential job are the highest-quality around, offering longevity and cost-reduction to deliver a superb return on your investment.

While asphalt is hardy and durable, it is also affordable and attractive, representing a superb material choice.

For residential paving services in Portland, call K&L Industries today!