Parking Lot Paving

Make a Solid First Impression on your Customers

Even before your customer walks in the door of your office/store/restaurant, she first pulls in your parking lot. That is why you need a smooth and shiny surface, free of bumps and cracks, to create that solid first impression on your customers.

At K&L Industries, we are known for our Parking Lot Paving perfection all across Portland, Oregon.

As professional commercial paving contractors, we are uniquely positioned to complete projects of any scale and type. From the smallest restaurant parking lots to the grand-scale commercial malls, K&L Industries has both the manpower and skills to deliver.

We offer commercial asphalt paving services for surfaces of all sizes that serve both aesthetic and functional purposes.

We recommend asphalt because it is easy to install, affordable, and durable. All these are benefits that make asphalt paving a sound business decision.

Once we lay the pavement, you will have to allow for the 24 hour setting time when no one is allowed to drive or walk on the surface. After this, your pavement will last up to 20 years. And we will also be there to maintain your asphalt paving as well.

  • Commercial Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

    Even in moderate climates like Oregon, asphalt driveways are at risk for damage due to the freeze-thaw cycle. The damage typically appears in the form of small cracks across the surface, which is a quarter-inch or less in-depth. These can be repaired easily before moisture seeps into the base beneath the pavement. We recommend that you opt for seal coating your driveway every two to three years.

  • Commercial Asphalt Pavement Repair

    A well-maintained pavement serves you for many years to come. However, constant driving and walking over the surface, as well as forces of nature, slowly deteriorate your driveway. In the early stages, minor wear and tear like cracks and potholes are simpler (and cheaper) to repair. In the long-run, fixing damaged or deteriorated driveways can be arduous and costly.

So if you notice small cracks on your commercial asphalt driveway, don’t ignore the warning signs and give us a call right away. Or contact us if your pavement has run its course and needs replacement.

We can provide you with the most cost-effective solution for your scenario.

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