Transforming Portland’s Roads One Property At A Time

94% of the roads in the United States are surfaced with asphalt. This should come as no surprise — asphalt pavement is durable, economical, environmentally friendly, and safe for travelers. It’s also aesthetically pleasing and instantly boosts a property’s curb appeal; asphalt earned the name “blacktop” due to its rich, dark coloring and shiny surface. Anyone who operates a business or owns a home knows the importance of raising the value of their property.

Laying asphalt pavement offers one of the highest ROIs and elevates the look and feel of your property overnight. At K&L Industries, we pride ourselves on being the paving contractor of choice in the Portland Metropolitan area.

We guarantee you’ve already seen many asphalt surfaces paved by our team; we’d love to visit your property and install a driveway or parking lot that brings you, your loved ones, and coworkers pride!

K&L’s Transformations

Here are a few K&L property transformations.

5 More Benefits of Asphalt Pavement

1. Asphalt is Fast to Install

And no paving contractor works quicker and more efficiently and effectively than K&L Industries.

From the moment we answer your call, we provide superior communication and transparency. Our experts will schedule an onsite visit, and you will get your free quote in less than 48 hours — sometimes even sooner!

From there, we’ll provide you a contract along with your free quote. Sign it and schedule your service to get going. After we’ve spent a few hours prepping your property (a little longer if it’s a large commercial property), you can expect our team to be in and out within half a day to a day. We will leave you with a beautiful, high-performing pavement that will last for many years to come.

2. Asphalt is Cost-effective

Asphalt has inexpensive initial costs, lasts much longer than other pavement surfaces — especially in Oregon’s climate — and offers an excellent ROI. Asphalt is also affordable to maintain when it’s properly cared for.

3. Asphalt is Smooth and Safe

Asphalt pavement offers superior skid resistance. It also provides a high contrast between the rich blacktop and road markings. Asphalt pavement’s smooth, uniformed surface makes roadways safer and easier to travel. This significantly reduces the risk of vehicle crashes and pedestrian injuries.

4. Asphalt is Durable

Asphalt pavement installed and periodically maintained by industry professionals lasts for decades and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. If you live in Portland, Oregon, asphalt is a must-have for property managers and owners!

5. Asphalt is the Superior Choice

The benefits of asphalt pavement offer an unmatched value. Professional paving companies like K&L Industries know how to “get in and get out” quickly while delivering a top-tier product. Due to its durability and associated costs, asphalt gives a great return on your investment and requires minimal periodic maintenance. The safety it offers greatly reduces the chances of accidents on your property for which you’d be liable.

Let K&L Transform Your Property

Make a great impression with the look and feel of your property! We are your neighborly paving company — and our commitment to our community keeps us accountable and 100% dedicated to our clients.

Let’s get started! Click here or call us at 503-213-9169 for a free quote.

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