Plan Ahead For Next Year

It doesn’t matter if you own a home or a commercial business — paving projects are overwhelming and expensive undertakings. By planning now, you can avoid unnecessary headaches and save a significant amount of money when it comes time to pave your property.

At K&L Industries, we pride ourselves on being the paving contractor of choice in the Portland Metropolitan area. We’ve been in the paving business for over thirty years, so we are well versed in the best practices when it comes to meeting your project goals!

Asphalt that’s properly maintained is incredibly durable and can last for decades. Our team has put together the following guide to help you plan for your next paving project so you can enjoy a sturdy, long-lasting pavement for years to come.

Evaluate the Condition of Your Existing Pavement

Start by taking a walk around your property and evaluating the condition of the pavement. Pay close attention to any problem areas to determine if you’ll require repairs or a replacement. This will allow you to grasp the extent of the work and start budgeting.

Take note of the visible signs of damage and deterioration:

  • Cracks
  • Gray and faded pavement
  • Potholes
  • Heaving
  • Rutting
  • Oil stains
  • Standing water
  • Faded linestriping

The best course of action is to hire a team of reputable and experienced paving professionals to inspect the damage. Getting started with K&L is fast and easy — click here to sign up for a free quote. This will allow our paving experts to evaluate your site and determine what needs to be done. Most quotes are provided within only 24 hours of completing the survey!

Check if You Can Repair Your Existing Pavement

If the damage is not severe, only repairs may be necessary instead of replacement or repaving.

  • Cracks — When neglected, cracks will spread over time as they’re exposed to the elements and vehicle traffic. Water can then seep inside the pavement, leading to erosion of the sub-surface layers. The continual weight of traffic will eventually cause your asphalt to sag and divot, which may result in potholes.
  • Gray, faded pavement — Oxidation fades asphalt over time, resulting in a brittle pavement that’s prone to damage. Routine sealcoating can help restore your asphalt’s appearance and function.
  • Potholes — Potholes get bad raps for good reason. They are dangerous, unsightly, and guaranteed to drive away customers (literally) if you own a business. Seasonal freeze-thaw cycles are at fault for potholes; when damage is neglected, water seeps below the pavement, and it freezes and contracts during winter. This causes the pavement to heave; as the weight of traffic breaks down its vulnerable surface, a pothole eventually forms.
  • Rutting — Asphalt is strong yet pliable. Occasionally, its unique flexibility works against it, leading to visible wheel indentations. Crackfilling can correct minor rutting — but severe damage may require a complete replacement. Addressing any rutting now will save you a significant amount of money later.
  • Oil stains — Oil stains should be taken care of quickly, as they negatively interact with asphalt binder. This can cause your pavement to soften and become vulnerable to costly damage.
  • Standing water — Standing water indicates poor drainage, improper asphalt installation, or surface damage. Standing water creates a safety hazard for visitors to your property and will eventually damage your pavement.
  • Faded linestriping — Do you own or manage a parking lot? Are the markings and line stripes vibrant and easy to see? Unclear markings and lines affect the smooth flow of traffic and can result in deadly accidents and pedestrian injuries.

The best way to prevent future damage is by having a preventive maintenance plan in place. This includes routine sealcoating and crackfilling.

Work With Portland’s Industry Leader

For the best advice and outcome of your paving project, you need to consult with an experienced asphalt contractor about the particular needs of your property and area. At K&L Industries, we take pride in our vast industry experience and our knowledge of the conditions specific to Oregon.

We’ll help you get a head start on the new year! Call us today at 503-213-9169 or click here to receive a fast and free quote.

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