How An Office Team Supports The Crew In The Field

At K&L Industries, we cherish our entire team—regardless of whether they work behind a desk or while holding a shovel. Our goal isn’t only to be industry leaders in the world of professional paving, but to transform lives every day. This value transcends our clients’ properties, the fields in which our crew works, and the walls of our office in Canby, OR.

At K&L Industries, we work together, grow together, and support each other at every step. We truly nurture our team’s professional and personal development.

Here’s how.

The Office Team

The sense of unity clients observe at our worksites extends past our office’s walls. For a company to succeed, it requires a back and front office staff that harmonizes and supports the endeavours of their crew.

Our front office helps build and strengthen the relationships with our clients. Without our clients and the long-lasting relationships we’ve cultivated, we wouldn’t have become Oregon’s most trusted paving company!

Our back office efficiently keeps things flowing through integral operations, such as invoicing and making sure our valued team gets paid on time. Their roles are vital; they’re essentially the backbone of the company. When operations run smoothly, it paves the way for success (pun intended).

Our back office also boosts productivity and helps us maintain affordable prices for our clients (aka, you)!

All For One, One For All

Teamwork is a sense of unity—a shared enthusiasm for common interests, responsibilities, and a dedication to one another.

When our crew paves your property, we come and leave as a team. A unified clan. We work together seamlessly and in good humour, ensuring top-notch quality and attention to detail with every stroke of our shovels and each swipe or our brushes.

“It was like Patton moving in with the troops,” one of our valued clients says. “I couldn’t believe how everybody just knew their job. They were always on the spot. They were moving and grooving and melding into each other. It was impressive to see how well everything went and how quick they moved—it was like they were working in fast forward. I was amazed, and it really was impressive to see. When you see something like that in person… it’s something to behold.”

Our office team contributes to this magic each day, not only through essential operations, but through the life support they offer every one of their colleagues.

Their doors are always open to the crew, whether they need advice or someone to simply listen to them. At K&L Industries, this is our team’s greatest driving force and sense of being. We are family-owned and operated; we value respect, unity, and authenticity.

We will stop at nothing to make dreams come true, both for our clients and employees.

You Can Depend On Us

When employees work together and succeed as a team—like we do—bonds and trust forms. Because of our sense of kinship and our dedication to you and each other, when we show up you can expect:

  • Accountability — We’ll arrive when we say we will, we will work quickly and cooperatively, and we’ll stand behind our product. We will also leave in the same manner in which we came: responsibly and respectfully. We’ll never go MIA or leave a mess behind!
  • Transparency — K&L Industries has over 30 years of experience in Portland, OR, where we always keep our community at heart. 97% of our projects get done on time. We take pride in the work we do and complete ownership of the results. You can stay in touch with us before, during, and after the project. We will be there for you. Every time, and without fail.
  • Affordability and authentic care — We’ve built our company from the ground up, and we bring that same love and dedication to all our paving projects. We always work out an affordable price for you and deliver an efficient paving plan to suit your budget. We never compromise the quality of our service or the integrity of our materials.

For K&L Industries, integrity is key. Do you live in the Portland, Oregon area? Partner with us, and watch our team in action! You won’t find a paving company with a greater work ethic or standard of integrity. Please call us today at 503-266-1130 or click here to receive a free quote!

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