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K&L Industries – A Leading Paving Expert in Troutdale, Oregon
Amateur paving contractors in Troutdale, OR, can wreak havoc on your pavement and cost a lot in repairs.

If you want to save money but still get premium paving results, don’t hesitate to connect with K&L Industries. Our experts provide tailored solutions that will last for decades. We use industry-best practices and advanced paving techniques to ensure your asphalt pavement boosts your property’s exterior and value. You can reach out to us whenever feasible to discuss your paving project requirements.

Trust us; we have the team, skills, and experience to deliver what you are looking for!

Why choose K&L Industries
Portland’s trusted professional paving company.
  • For a local paving company that has the community at heart, K&L Industries is Portland’s best.
  • Our team members have many years in the business and bring all their know-how to every job.
  • We keep clients up-to-date on developments so that they have a full picture of their project.
  • We work out an affordable price for you and deliver an efficient sealcoating service to reduce the time your parking lot is out of action

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