The Logistics Of K&L Industries

At K&L Industries, we stand by our name and the standard it reflects.

We pride ourselves on being the paving contractor of choice in the Portland Metropolitan area. Whenever you drive into your beautiful home or ease into that sweet spot in a parking lot, you are benefiting from the work of a dedicated team of professional pavers. And if you live around Portland, chances are many of those driveways, and parking lots were installed, repaired, or maintained by K&L!

K&L has been in the paving business since 1984; we are a family-owned company founded on our core values and a commitment to our community. Our determination to better ourselves, our customers, and each other has remained at the center of our vision for over three decades.

A great company comes with excellent equipment and an even greater staff of dedicated professionals. Today we’re taking you behind the scenes for a sneak peek at the logistics of running K&L Industries!


If you ask one of our team members about what makes us different, you’ll hear things like, “K&L is a second family. We all click, and we all help each other. We can rely on every member of our team. We all look out for each other and stand behind our product.”

Our incredible and family-oriented team is the driving force of our success. Our staff includes:

  • three excavation and prep crews of two members
  • one paving crew of ten members
  • four people on our salesforce
  • and three dedicated office staff members.

Our team has been paving Oregon’s driveways, parking lots, and roads for over thirty years, making our local area knowledge unmatched. We build quick and painless paving solutions with this in mind, ensuring your asphalt lasts for years to come while boosting your ROI.

Here are some other standout qualities of our team:

  • Our employees share long-term goals and values.
  • Our commitment to Portland keeps us accountable to all our clients.
  • We are community-driven and take pride in building lasting relationships.
  • We respect our employees and encourage their personal and professional growth.
  • We strive to create a positive, inclusive work culture and job site.
  • Every member of our team sets out to transform lives.
  • We strive to provide our clients with quick and painless paving solutions every day. This means minimal disruptions to your work or home life and a beautiful pavement that’ll last for decades!


How many tires does it take to rollout our paving operations every day?

This is more of a fun fact and less of a riddle!

K&L Industries owns and operates:

  • a fleet of six trucks that rollout every morning, plus four additional trailers
  • two trucks for our lighter equipment, which equals twenty-two tires in all
  • four additional dump trucks on top of the three we own.

That comes to a grand total of 120 K&L tires on Portland’s roads each day — and this number doesn’t include our traveling salesforce!

We are proud of our growth over the past thirty years and to be Portland’s paving contractor of choice.

More Fun Facts

  • Our team transports about 700 gallons of fuel every morning.
  • We complete an average of 13-14 paving jobs each week.
  • We utilize a total of 7 dump trucks per day.
  • About ⅓ of our paving jobs will see all three of our crews throughout the project.

Our Quick and Painless Process

We know your time is valuable and that construction projects aren’t always convenient. When our team paves your property, we work together seamlessly and quickly, ensuring top-notch service with minimal disruptions.

We prep the site the day before for residential projects, which takes about one to two hours, then complete the project the following day in under two hours!

Commercial and industrial projects take a little longer — but we stand by our guarantee to get in and out quickly, leaving behind only a superior-quality paving solution that will last for years to come.

Experience Our Team in Action

Do you live in the Portland, Oregon area? Partner with us and watch our dedicated team in action! You won’t find a paving company with a greater work ethic. 97% of our projects get completed on time. We understand that transparency and communication are essential, and we keep our clients up-to-date on all developments.

Please call us today at 503-266-1130 or click here to receive a free quote.

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