The Cost Of Not Maintaining Your Pavement

Commercial property owners who’ve suffered the drastic consequences of not caring for their pavement will agree that this blog post’s title is not dramatic at all. The widening cracks, the potholes, and standing water are all indicators that your pavement needs repair, which will probably cost you hundreds of dollars to restore your surface’s performance and condition.

While cracks and other pavement problems are serious issues, they develop over time and are usually unheard of in well-maintained properties. Many commercial property owners justify their lack of interest in maintenance by blaming the high cost of repair. This is simply because they’re unaware of the nature of the impending doom that awaits them. Any experienced property owner or contractor will agree that diligent maintenance measures are like a stitch in time, which saves nine!

If you’re still unsure about the cost implications of not maintaining your commercial pavement, then this blog post lists it down for you.

Damaged Foundation

Pavement problems can transform into something dangerous and highly costly to tackle. For example, let’s take a simple crack; ignoring the crack means that the environmental factors and the traffic load will further widen the crack. A widening crack exposes the base of the surface to various harmful natural elements. Additionally, water from rain and other sources also seeps through the crack to further damage the foundation.

This constant beating harms the foundation, resulting in more cracks and potholes that indicate something sinister and dangerous. In hindsight, you can avoid all the hassle by just repairing the crack as soon as you notice it.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to deal with a damaged foundation or subbase other than replacing it. Replacing the entire pavement area and reinstalling the surface is an expense that can leave you with an empty wallet.

Preventive Maintenance: The Best Way to Avoid Pavement Repair/Reinstallation Costs

One of the main advantages of scheduling routine inspections and repairs is that it helps you avert disaster. Ask any contractor, and they’ll advise being proactive. In pavement maintenance, waiting for things to happen before taking action is a recipe for disaster, especially if you live in areas where there are harsh weather conditions.

Routine inspections and maintenance help you fix problems in time. You can identify cracks developing and act immediately against their formation. Similarly, regular cleaning and sweeping prevent dirt and debris accumulation.

Not maintaining your pavement means that the cracks can develop into something worse. When combined with harsh weather and external conditions, the cracks deteriorate to become a considerable nuisance and costly. So, keep your pavement in check to avoid a full-fledged repair right after you install it.

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