Old Driveway made new in Oregon City

Our team was recently contacted about a difficult driveway situation in Oregon City, OR. The homeowner had a driveway and a large area around the house that had potholes, cracks, wear and tear, and even had grass growing through cracks! There was a lot to do, but they trusted the experts at K&L Industries because they’d heard from their neighbor how we helped them.

We were dispatched out to the site and performed a thorough examination to determine exactly what work needed to be done. We then prepared a estimate that included 3 different strategies/solutions to the problems. We understand that our customers future plans, budget and property needs influence what type of correction they’d like to have done.

Once we had a contract that fit in the Oregon City property owner’s budget and achieved their goals, our asphalt experts got to work quickly. First they removed the existing asphalt to ensure a clean surface, and then added to and graded the base underneath. Once that was smooth and even, our asphalt contractors created a beautiful new asphalt driveway.

The customer was so excited, they said K&L Industries “does good work” and that the “pavement looks awesome!”

K & L Industries has been making Oregon City, OR customers happy since 1984, so we know what locals need out of their paving. This customer had a referral from a neighbor, but you’re already here! If you want a success story like this one, call our office and speak with a paving specialist.

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