HOA Asphalt Paving Project near Portland OR

The team of asphalt paving experts at K&L Industries performed a successful project for a subdivision in southeast Portland Oregon last month.

The residents of the subdivision noticed cracking and drainage issues in the pavement. The homeowner’s association (HOA) decided to take action and started asking for referrals from residents. One resident recently had us do their driveway so they gave us a call. We did an estimate for the job and told them we would take the asphalt down to the base layer so we could fix any drainage issues prior to paving. They were happy we were able to save them some money by not having to remove the base layer too and were thankful we didn’t add on any unnecessary costs.

We got started at the end of the month. We excavated the previous pavement down to the base layer. We then graded and pitched the base for proper water drainage then compacted it so the asphalt could be installed. Once we poured the asphalt, we used a paving machine to roll and compact it, then allowed it time to set.

The residents loved the final product and noted that the new pavement drains just as they desired. They love the look of the new pavement in their neighborhood too!

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