Entering The Postseason Paving Game

The paving season is coming to an end!

It’s time for property owners and managers to hustle hard and push in that one last project before the year is over. The team at K&L Industries is ready to perform at playoff level — are you?

We have proudly served the Portland Metropolitan area since 1984, where we’ve made a name for ourselves as one of the biggest industry players. No paving contractor has more local know-how or is more dedicated to the Portland community.

Heading into the Postseason

As we wrap up a year of consistent wins for the K&L team and our clients, we continue to work hard and keep your goals at the forefront of our vision.

Don’t make the mistake of pushing off seemingly minor pavement repairs; they will only worsen during the winter months, leaving you with a liability and major fixes come springtime.

Common Causes of Damaged Asphalt Pavement

Take a moment to walk through your property. Is your asphalt pavement looking gray and faded? Can you spot any unsightly potholes or surface cracking? Does your asphalt collect standing water after a rainfall? When you’re responsible for the look, safety, and feel of a property, ignoring these issues is not a good practice for the long game.

  1. Neglect of preventive maintenance — widespread cracking, oxidized pavement, and faded striping are most likely the signs of an irregular or reactive maintenance plan.
  2. Elemental and weather-related damage — your asphalt surfaces are vulnerable to harmful elements and harsh weather, including freeze-thaw cycles, excess water, oils, and U.V. damage. You cannot stop natural elemental damage, but you can fight back and correct signs of distress before it’ll cost a fortune to fix. Therefore, you need to address damages now!
  3. Heavy traffic loads — repeated exposure to heavy vehicle traffic results in raveling, rutting, and the creation of potholes.
  4. Insufficient water drainage — an inadequate number of catch basins (or ones that are poorly located) as well as damaged or clogged drains can result in stagnant water. You should periodically check your inlets and in-lot drainage systems to ensure they are free of debris and obstructions.

Don’t worry — our team has your back. In fact, there is still plenty of time to get on our schedule before the year is out.

At K&L Industries, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with quick and painless paving solutions. Our dedication to always do our very best and our willingness to go that extra mile defines us as Portland’s industry leader. Give our paving professionals a call for a free assessment of your property.

We only get better during the postseason!

Consider Milling and Paving

Now is the perfect time for milling and paving work. With winter fast approaching, milling is the most efficient way to repair your asphalt before the damaging effects of the cold weather and snow set in.

Asphalt milling is a cost-effective and eco-friendly method for repairing commercial pavement surfaces. Milling removes the top layer of asphalt to an even depth so that a new layer can be laid down. This saves you a significant amount of time — and money — by only repairing the damaged part of your blacktop.

At K&L, we use high-quality equipment and machinery to remove and recycle your asphalt’s damaged layer. Our crew and machinery can perform anything from a light surface milling to full-depth removal.

If you own or manage a commercial property, we encourage you to consider this environmentally friendly option. Not only is milling less expensive and time consuming, but it’s more effective than any other paving method.

Work with Our Team

Our team is in your corner all year long!

At K&L Industries, we’ve built our company from the ground up; we bring that same love and dedication to all our paving projects. We always work out an affordable price for you and deliver an efficient paving plan to suit your budget.

Let’s knock your paving project out of the park! Give us a call at 503-266-1130 or click here to get started with a free quote.

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