Driveway Drainage repaired in Portland

Our asphalt experts from K&L Industries were out at a job in Portland, Oregon when a property owner approached them about some driveway repair. They had a sports court and a driveway with serious drainage issues that was causing flooding in the garage! The experienced contractors took the customers information, and a paving expert was out at the site quickly to assess the situation.

The Portland, Oregon property was definitely a challenge, but the K&L Industries experts were ready for it. They had to draw on their vast experience and knowledge of asphalt and paving processes to create the perfect solution. Because we understand the value of pleased customers, we worked with the homeowner to find a paving solution that would fit their budget and their schedule.

Once the contract was set, our experienced asphalt contractors jumped at the chance to show off their skills. First, they carefully graded the base layer to make sure that the driveway and sports lot would let water drain away, not into the garage! Once the leveling, AKA grading, was complete, they installed a seamless mat of asphalt to the whole area.

The customer was absolutely thrilled with the smooth, even look of their new asphalt driveway and sports court. The thing that most impressed the property owner, though? How quickly the contractors at K&L Industries completed the job. If you have some paving or asphalt that looks rough, let us exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a free estimate on your property.

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