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For over 30 years, K&L Industries has offered high quality commercial and residential paving services throughout the entire Oregon City area. Throughout the years, we have become one of the most trusted and reputable commercial paving professionals in the area, putting the satisfaction of our customers first.

Paving Services Offered in the Oregon City Area

K&L Industries has extensive experience in delivering the following services to our commercial and residential clients:

  • Asphalt paving

  • Parking Lot Paving

  • Parking Lot Repair

  • Parking Lot Sealcoating

  • Parking Lot Maintenance

Why Choose Us?

K&L Industries prides itself in being the premier local paving contractor. There is no pavement project too big or small for us. Our team of committed and experienced specialists uses modern machinery and cutting-edge technology to get the job done.

Things to do

There is no shortage of things to do here in Oregon City, which is located about 13 miles south of Portland. Did you know that our city was the original capital city of Oregon? This city was also the end of the Oregon Trail!

Oregon City is rich in history. With lots of information to discover about its past, head to the McLoughlin House, which is a national Historic Site and public historic home found in the heart of our city. Here you can learn about the city’s early history. The home draws thousands of visitors from across the world each year. This is one of many historic house museums in the area!

Head to Willamette Falls, which is the second-largest waterfall by volume in the United States. It is only outdone by Niagara Falls! Its average flow is nearly one quarter of a million gallons per second! Along the splendor of the majestic falls, visitors can enjoy abundant fishing in the area.

Our city is also home to the only outdoor municipal city elevator in the U.S. The elevator is 130 feet high and connects two neighborhoods that are split by a cliff. The elevator was built between 1954 and 1955 and offers a form of transportation between the two neighboring communities with drastic changes in elevation. It is free for visitors to ride and you can get a lifetime free pass from the operator for a souvenir! There is also talk about a little red-haired boy who haunts the area.

Check out the posts below about recent projects in Oregon City

Old Driveway made new in Oregon City

Our team was recently contacted about a difficult driveway situation in Oregon City, OR. The homeowner had a driveway and a large area around the house that had potholes, cracks, wear and tear, and even had grass growing through cracks! There was a lot to do, but they trusted the experts at K&L Industries because they’d heard from their neighbor how we helped them.

We were dispatched out to the site and performed a thorough examination to determine exactly what work needed to be done. We then prepared a estimate that included 3 different strategies/solutions to the problems. We understand that our customers future plans, budget and property needs influence what type of correction they’d like to have done.

Once we had a contract that fit in the Oregon City property owner’s budget and achieved their goals, our asphalt experts got to work quickly. First they removed the existing asphalt to ensure a clean surface, and then added to and graded the base underneath. Once that was smooth and even, our asphalt contractors created a beautiful new asphalt driveway.

The customer was so excited, they said K&L Industries “does good work” and that the “pavement looks awesome!”

K & L Industries has been making Oregon City, OR customers happy since 1984, so we know what locals need out of their paving. This customer had a referral from a neighbor, but you’re already here! If you want a success story like this one, call our office and speak with a paving specialist.

Deteriorated parking lot project in Oregon City

K & L Industries is located in Portland, Oregon and specializes in servicing the metro Portland area for both residential and commercial paving needs. They combine their over 30 years of experience with today’s technology and equipment to provide quality pavement services for every pavement project. Since 1984, K & L Industries has vowed to keep the citizens of Portland their number one priority. Because of this vision, K & L Industries has grown to become the leading pavement company among the area.

Our reputation has allowed us to gain new clients throughout the years. We were recently contacted by a new client in Oregon City, Oregon who found us on Google and gave us a call. This client needed their severely deteriorated parking lot repaved and asked if we would consider the project.

We were dispatched to the parking lot of this strip mall and thoroughly examined the condition of the parking lot. The base layer of the parking lot appeared to be in good condition, but the parking lot would need milled and replaced with an asphalt overlay, as there were a large number of cracks and crumbling throughout the pavement.

The client appreciated our feedback and agreed to the quote we provided. We began repairing the parking lot by milling the surface and overlaying new asphalt. When the parking lot was finished, our client loved the result, and guaranteed the customers would as well, saying, “The parking lot looks and performs great!”

Check back often

We will be posting regular descriptions of projects involving parking lot paving, pavement maintenance, crack repair, sealcoating and more.