Asphalt Paving Project for Subdivision near Gresham OR

K&L Industries recently performed an asphalt milling, asphalt paving, grading and slope correction job for a subdivision in Gresham, Oregon.

The residents of the subdivision recently contacted the subdivision about some areas in the streets that were damaged, including cracks and holes that were developing. Several residents also noticed some drainage problems.
The homeowners association contacted us as they were a previous customer to schedule for us come fix the problems. We did an assessment and determined that a milling and paving of the street was necessary and also agreed to do a grading and slope correction to ensure proper drainage and to work with the flow of traffic to eliminate further damage problems.

We started the project two weeks later, informing the association of our plan of action so they could notify residents. We graded the common roadway and paved the subdivision with hot asphalt. We also milled the patch out of the street and restored it, according to city specifications. The job was done within less than a week.

The homeowners association reached out to us after the job was finished to tell us that they were thankful for how quick and smooth and seamless the job was. The residents are now very happy with the newly paved street.

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