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How Freeze-Thaw Cycles Can Damage Asphalt in Portland Oregon

Every spring, you may notice cracks and potholes in your asphalt driveway or in parking lots you frequent, but why? In environments like the Pacific Northwest that experience some freezing temperature during the winter, asphalt paving can be in danger of damage from what’s called the freeze-thaw cycle.

What is a freeze-thaw cycle?

A freeze and thaw cycle is pretty much what it sounds like: when temperatures see-saw from above to below freezing. This cycle is primarily about water freezing during winter and then thawing when temperatures rise a little, only to freeze again. It’s particularly severe when there is precipitation such as snow, which flows into cracks in paving when melted and then freezes again when the temperature drops.

How can a freeze-thaw cycle damage asphalt paving?

While asphalt is a durable paving material, water can flow into any little cracks or depressions when temperatures are above freezing, washing away aggregate and soaking into the sublayers that keep the paving surface stable. Since water expands when it freezes, any water that’s inside a crack will widen that crack when it freezes, which can break the asphalt. Puddles that freeze can further break up asphalt and create potholes. Asphalt itself also undergoes structural changes with temperature, since it contains petroleum-based components that are liquid when hot and hard when cold. This means that in the summer, asphalt paving can better withstand impacts and pressure, but it can become brittle in freezing temperatures, cracking and breaking under pressure.

Even in moderate climates like Oregon, asphalt driveways and parking lots are at risk for damage due to this freeze and thaw cycle. A trusted paving expert like the asphalt contractors at K&L Industries will know the best asphalt maintenance steps to take to ensure that your driveway or parking lot will be protected from weathering and water damage. Not only do they have the expertise to properly install asphalt paving to avoid these issues, they can also help you out if you experience cracks or potholes from this freeze-thaw cycle. If you find you have asphalt damage in the spring, call Oregon’s asphalt experts, K&L Industries.

Street and asphalt parking lot repair in Portland OR

The professionals at K&L Industries, Portland’s top asphalt and paving contractor, were recently asked to perform a street repair and parking lot maintenance project in Portland, OR.

Burnside Street in Portland, which is a major thoroughfare of the city, needed major repair. There were lots of asphalt cracks and potholes that had developed and the parking areas along the street needed upgraded as they were not visible to visitors.

The plan center and general contractor reached out to us, as they have before, to ask us to work on this project. We had room a couple weeks out as this was not an urgent issue. We were able to get to them sooner as we finished some other jobs ahead of schedule.

We arrived early on a Tuesday morning and were able to restore Burnside Street to a full 9” of asphalt. We also updated the parking lot lines so they were visible so there would no longer be discrepancy in parking areas.  The client was thankful for how fast and efficient our work was and that we arrived ahead of time. They also were glad we stayed in communication with them throughout the project and that we cleaned up after the project, leaving the area better than we found it.

Thank you for trusting K&L Industries with your street repair and parking lot upgrade.

HOA Asphalt Paving Project near Portland OR

The team of asphalt paving experts at K&L Industries performed a successful project for a subdivision in southeast Portland Oregon last month.

The residents of the subdivision noticed cracking and drainage issues in the pavement. The homeowner’s association (HOA) decided to take action and started asking for referrals from residents. One resident recently had us do their driveway so they gave us a call. We did an estimate for the job and told them we would take the asphalt down to the base layer so we could fix any drainage issues prior to paving. They were happy we were able to save them some money by not having to remove the base layer too and were thankful we didn’t add on any unnecessary costs.

We got started at the end of the month. We excavated the previous pavement down to the base layer. We then graded and pitched the base for proper water drainage then compacted it so the asphalt could be installed. Once we poured the asphalt, we used a paving machine to roll and compact it, then allowed it time to set.

The residents loved the final product and noted that the new pavement drains just as they desired. They love the look of the new pavement in their neighborhood too!

Driveway Drainage repaired in Portland

Our asphalt experts from K&L Industries were out at a job in Portland, Oregon when a property owner approached them about some driveway repair. They had a sports court and a driveway with serious drainage issues that was causing flooding in the garage! The experienced contractors took the customers information, and a paving expert was out at the site quickly to assess the situation.

The Portland, Oregon property was definitely a challenge, but the K&L Industries experts were ready for it. They had to draw on their vast experience and knowledge of asphalt and paving processes to create the perfect solution. Because we understand the value of pleased customers, we worked with the homeowner to find a paving solution that would fit their budget and their schedule.

Once the contract was set, our experienced asphalt contractors jumped at the chance to show off their skills. First, they carefully graded the base layer to make sure that the driveway and sports lot would let water drain away, not into the garage! Once the leveling, AKA grading, was complete, they installed a seamless mat of asphalt to the whole area.

The customer was absolutely thrilled with the smooth, even look of their new asphalt driveway and sports court. The thing that most impressed the property owner, though? How quickly the contractors at K&L Industries completed the job. If you have some paving or asphalt that looks rough, let us exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a free estimate on your property.

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