All About Our Paving Equipment

According to the National Asphalt Paving Association, over 94 percent of the 2.6 million miles of U.S. road surfaces are paved with asphalt. And if you live around Portland, chances are you’ve already seen a driveway or a parking lot that has been installed, repaired, or maintained by K&L Industries.

We have been in the paving business since 1984, proudly serving the Portland Metropolitan Area, including Oregon City, Gresham, Wilsonville, Tualatin, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Tigard, Sherwood, Laurel, and Woodburn OR.

Our fantastic team and arsenal of superior equipment allow us to complete successful paving projects every day!


Excavators are designed to dig holes and move earth — a vital step during the preparation phase of many asphalt paving projects. At K&L Industries, our team commonly utilizes our excavators to install underground drainage and piping systems.

Fun Fact: We have three excavators available in different sizes. The specifications of each project determine which one we will use.

Bobcats/Skid Steers

On busy job sites with tight time constraints, the efficiency and versatility of our skid steers are indispensable. Skid steers are capable of alternating between dozens of function-specific attachments to support the asphalt paving process. These include planers, breakers, sweepers, wheel saws, and vibratory rollers. Skid steers are also compact and easy to transport!

Fun Fact: The name “Bobcat” has become synonymous with “skid-steer loader” since its invention in the 1960s. However, similar to the brands “Xerox” and “Tupperware,” the name “Bobcat” refers to the company that invented them — not the actual equipment.

Asphalt Pavers

Asphalt pavers, or “pavers” as they’re commonly called in the industry, lay the asphalt flat while providing minor compaction before the surface is compressed by a roller.

Fun Fact: Asphalt may be the most common road surface today, but it wasn’t invented until the 1870s and often inspired awe and wonder. Laura Ingalls Wilder, the renowned author of Little House on the Prairie, describes an encounter with asphalt in her book:

“In the very midst of the city, the ground was covered by some dark stuff that silenced all the wheels and muffled the sound of hoofs. It was like tar, but Papa was sure it was not tar… It was like magic.”


A road roller is an essential type of engineering vehicle used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, and asphalt during the construction of roadways and foundations. Road rollers use the vehicle’s weight to compress the surface and often incorporate a vibrating mechanism to help with the process.

Fun Fact: Rollers are often called “steamrollers,” even though almost all modern rollers are gasoline and hydraulic-powered.

Another Fun Fact: During the mid-19th century, the first rollers were horse-drawn!

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are an integral part of the paving process, as they haul hot asphalt from the plant to the job site. They also transport gravel, spoils from the site, and a variety of other materials.

Q: Does K&L Industries personally haul the asphalt?

A: No, we work with trusted partners for the transport of sixty percent of our materials.

Work with Portland’s Paving Experts

At K&L Industries, we don’t only use superior equipment and employ the top paving professionals; we operate from our values and with complete integrity. When you hire us for a paving job, we guarantee:

  • Accountability — We’ll arrive when we say we will, we will work quickly and cooperatively, and we’ll stand behind our product. We will also leave in the same manner in which we came: responsibly and respectfully. We’ll never go MIA or leave a mess behind!
  • Transparency — K&L Industries has over 30 years of experience in Portland, OR, where we always keep our community at heart. 97% of our projects get done on time. We take pride in the work we do and complete ownership of the results. You can stay in touch with us before, during, and after the project. We will be there for you. Every time, and without fail.
  • Affordability and genuine care — We’ve built our company from the ground up, and we bring that same love and dedication to all our paving projects. We always work out an affordable price for you and deliver an efficient paving plan to suit your budget. We never compromise the quality of our service or the integrity of our materials.

Partner with us and watch our team in action. You won’t find a paving company with a greater work ethic or standard of integrity. Please call us today at 503-213-9169 or click here to receive a free quote.

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